About Karstel Marketing

Karstel Marketing was started in 1989. It is a privately owned marketing oriented company with a team of dedicated partners and staff.

Karstel Marketing has been in the consumer agency line since its inception, serving as the appointed sole distributor for numerous leading brands of food products from around the world.

We engage in the distribution of various food products such as chocolates, biscuits, and confectionery items. Our specialization is in healthy snacks that are natural and gluten free, high in nutrition, and low GL, as well as sugar free / no sugar added items.

Over the years, Karstel Marketing has built a strong extensive network in Singapore, with channels in all the major supermarket chains, health food outlets and hospital pharmacies.

Karstel Marketing has formed an extension distribution network in South East Asia and the region, working with our partners in Myanmar, Malaysia, and Vietnam.